About Us

Wizard Sliders CO.,LTD.  Is a professional manufacturer of slider products, and other home accessories. Our factory locates in Ditang Street, Yuyao Cite, Zhejiang Province, China. Since established in 1991, we grew up fastevery year, and now we have about 7,000 sequare meter workshop and about 60 sets advanced machines.

We have developed over 400 models of product, our main product categories are floor protectors like Self-stick Felt Pads, ptfe teflon Sliders, Nail-on Gliders, Caster Cups, Chair Tips, Door Stop, Corner Protector etc.wizard sliders can help your family and you move large furniture easily. Using it, you can easily slide furniture and protect your floor from scratches. In recent years, European and American supermarkets successively started to sell teflon sliders, which have gradually replaced original furniture sliders with plastic base surfaces, becoming popular in the market. So what kind of furniture slider is ideal? The answer is teflon sliders! They can really play a role in protection and sliding. They use teflon as their base surface, flavorless and eco-friendly rubber as their dampening layer, and eco-friendly strong plastic hook glue as an adhesive. Firstly, teflon material has the smallest friction coefficient in the world. It ensures easy sliding, with no floor scratches when moving large furniture, even on high grade floors. wizard sliders Move hasta 1200lbs (540kg). Usually, when using teflon sliders to slide furniture on floors, one should use sliders larger 2 inches to slide large furniture. On floor tile, one can choose to use over 1 inch sliders. On carpets, one can use sliders above 5 inches. Customers are welcome to call us for negotiations, and our peers are also welcome to exchange experience with us. wizard slideris willing to provide free teflon slider production technology.&nbsp;<br>wizard sliders are patented and trademarked.

wizard sliders are manufactured in china.Distributed by wizard sliders co.,ltd.